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Discovery studio is for Acton heroes (students) ages 5 years through 8 years.  As with all our studios, our heroes progress through the studios as they master specific skills.

The purpose of the Learning Design of the Discovery Studio is to equip young learners to gain control over their actions, motives, and learning. The discovery studio is for heroes who are ready to embrace their academics at a deeper level.  These heroes have become intrinsically motivated to learn and thrive in accomplishing new academic tasks. Discovery studio focuses on using hands on manipulatives in addition to more challenging computer programs to learn to be self sufficient in reading, writing and math. 


The structure of the day in discovery studio focuses on allowing the heroes to learn to become self directed learners independent of the guide(teacher).  Heroes learn to work through their core skills independently and stay on task despite distractions in the studio.  This skill is very difficult to acquire without lots of opportunity for practice and reflection. Heroes in the discovery studio are also learning to accept responsibility for their actions or lack of actions and learn that a sense of victimhood will not help to build their character. 

The structure of day in the Discovery studio starts with the morning launch and socratic discussion.  The heroes then head into their core skills which they work on independently and progress through their learning as they master each new skill.  STMath, Lexia and montessori materials are also utilized in this studio.  The afternoons are focused on cooperative learning  which focus on interpersonal skills and more complex projects.  These projects culminate in a parent exhibition every 4-6 weeks. 

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