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At Acton Academy Hamilton, we seek to build the foundation necessary for learners to thrive in future studios. We are committed to helping learners develop a class ability to: 

Think Critically, Write Clearly, Speak Properly 

How do we want Acton students to see the world? 

Defined by possibility. Inefficient in its current state. Filled with problems ready to be solved. 

What do we want our students to believe? 

They have individual ability and responsibility to change that world. 

How do they succeed? 

- Strong Character 

- Curiosity 

- Persistence and Self-Motivation 


What skills do they need to develop? 

- Critical Thinking: The ability to identify and solve real problems 

- Creative Thinking: The skills to build real solutions 

- Clear Thinking: The wisdom to make well-reasoned and justified decision in unclear circumstances 


How do we do it? 

- Increase ownership 

- Expose learners to unfamiliar ideas and circumstances 

- Consistently ask difficult questions 

- Foster the development of individual thoughts 

- Promote an environment of challenge 

- Present their ideas to the world 


We expect each Acton student to hold themselves as accountable as anybody in a high-performing organization or company. 

Accountability to the World 

- Exhibitions at the end of each Quest allow students to subject work in a real-world test in front of family, friends, and customers. 

- Portfolios show personal growth and prove what a Acton student can do 


Accountability to the Studio 

- Badges showcase excellent work or mastery of useful skills 

- 360 Reviews measure leadership and warm-hearted and tough-minded contributions to the studio 


Accountability to Yourself 

- Goal Setting measures progress through daily, weekly, and yearly goals 

- Leader Badges celebrate transformation into an independent learner and purposeful leader 



- World-Class Online Dashboards provide feedback and analytics for Core Skills mastery 

- Badges allows students and their family to track their progress and mastery in core skills as well as personal mastery 


Core Skills provide a foundation that Acton students will build their skills from, developing a sturdy core will help propel them into their future. 

What are Core Skills? 

During Core Skills, students master a foundation for a life of learning. This includes: 

- Civilizations 

- Math 

- Reading 

- Typing/Writing 

- Science 


When do Core Skills happen? 

Each morning students dedicate 2.5-3 hours to mastering their core skill development 

How are learning goals set? 

- Guides offer: 1) a menu of challenges, 2) points and badge requirements for each, 3) dedicated time for each Core Skill for younger students 

- Students set goals each morning and report on them each afternoon and verify goals met at the end of the week 


How is progress measured? 

- Badges are earned by students as they master a topic 

- Online dashboards provide analytical feedback on topics 


Quests give students a unique opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and curiosity by developing real solutions to real problems. 

What are Quests? 

Quests are a four-to six-week series of challenges bound by a compelling narrative and designed to deliver 21st century skills 

Younger Students: broad explorations of science and curiosity 

Older Students: dive deeper and add rigor to exploration 

When do Quests happen? 

Each afternoon students dedicate roughly 2.5 hours to Quests 

How are Quest goals set? 

- Guides offer: 1) narrative, using Socratic discussion, role plays, etc. 2) a series of challenges 3) badge requirements and rules of the game 

- From here, students lead Quests as Guides step back 


How is progress measured? 

- Badges for completed Quests 

- Exhibitions showcasing finished work 

- Portfolios for work they’re especially proud of 

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