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Our infant program accepts children from 6 weeks to 23 months. 

Our infant program provides expert nurturing and is designed to enhance social and emotional development, lay a foundation for learning and build an atmosphere of trust by consistently meeting a child’s individual needs.

Our Infant Program provides:

  • Low teacher to child ratios 1:4

  • Nurturing classroom environments

  • Educational toys that include Montessori and developmental toys

  • Stimulating activities

  • Immersive learning experiences

  • Personalized daily schedules

  • Expert care and positive interactions


Our toddler/preschool program includes children 2 to 5 years old and focuses on positive interactions and building communication skills and independence with educational experiences that encourage problem-solving, language development and word association.

Toddler/Preschool Program  provides:

  • Low teacher to child ratios 1:8

  • Nurturing classroom environments

  • Daily progress reports communicating growth and wellness

  • Rich sensory activities that enhance healthy brain development

  • Planned experiences that foster creativity, problem-solving, language development, and word association

  • A balance of Montessori work time and developmental play time. 

  • Lots of physical movement including active play

  • Expert care and positive interactions


Our teachers and caregivers are highly trained and passionate about helping children. All staff, volunteers and parents working with children must:​

  • Provide fingerprints

  • Undergo extensive referral checks and work history verification

  • Pass a complete background check for criminal history including felonies and crimes against children

  • Complete training on bloodborne pathogens safety, first aid, CPR, infant safe sleep, shaken baby, and children and infant general health and safety

  • Agree to and complete on-going health and safety training to total a minimum of 16 hours per year


  • Classrooms are designed to ensure children are comfortable and safe (no sharp corners, padding, removal of choking hazards, etc.)

  • We adhere to a strict three-step cleaning process including daily surface and restroom sanitizing, frequent handwashing and daily toy baths.

Both of the above programs are licensed through the state of Montana.  In order for a child to participate in these programs, each child must maintain up to date vaccinations.  

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