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Spark Studio 

Our Spark Studio has our youngest learners.  Every child is unique and develops on their own timeline.  Specific developmental skills are needed to be successful in the spark studio.  Our youngest sparks utilitze the Montessori theory and materials to  to develop skills such as focus, persistence, self care, patience and the academic skills needed to begin reading and understanding basic math concepts. 

As our spark studio learners grow, they begin reading, writing and doing math on their own individual developmental timeline.  These children are developing  the joy of learning and guiding their own instruction. They are learning to set goals, work independently and dive deeper into topics that are of interest to them. 

Every new family wanting their child to join our spark studio must go through a trial period in which the teachers spent time observing the child interacting in the Spark Studio.  The student must display a willingness to want to join the group, the ability to listen to instructions and control their bodies in a manner that keeps their classmates safe. If a child has not yet developed these inner characteristics they will be invited to join the Curious Minds Montessori and Preschool program.  This program is for children ages 2-5 who are needing more time to grow and develop these skills. 

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