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Summer School Tutoring Program

Many parents have requested a more rigorous summer school programs that focuses on helping kids catch up on academic skills. We will be offering 40 tutoring Summer School spots. This summer school will occur every morning. These classes will focus on filling the gaps in the students learning.  Each student who enrolls in this program will be given a formal assessment in reading and math.  An individualized curriculum will then be created to help fill any academic holes and make a plan for the summer. Montessori and hands on curriculum will be utilized in addition to computerized programs that allow the student to progress at their own pace.  Direct instruction will also be done as needed to make sure the student masters the skills. Students are not required to attend 5 days per week, but the more the child attends, the more academic progress will be made.  There will be a minimum of 2 days per week that must be attended.


The cost for participating in the Summer School tutoring will be approx. $5 more/per day than our normal  summer program. The same policies and procedures and set schedule apply.  Best Beginnings will cover the cost of the Summer Program Tutoring.

For clarification, if you choose Summer School Tutoring, then you do not pay the summer camp cost and the tutoring cost. You only pay the tuition for the Summer School tutoring and whatever extended care you need.

Tuition for Summer School Tutoring

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