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The Montessori approach to education recognizes the potential of the young child and attempts to develop this potential by means of a prepared environment, utilizing special teaching apparatus. Montessori provides the vehicle whereby the child may attain inner discipline and control and become the intelligent and responsible master of himself/herself.  Our afternoon preschool program aims to be the leading preschool to prepare today's children to become tomorrow's innovators and leaders, by utilizing engaging hands-on STEM and play-based learning.  




 Our main objective is to provide a challenging and nurturing environment which will help the child develop the Montessori foundational habits of order, love of work, care of the environment, concentration, obedience, self-discipline, independence, and joy. These developed habits are essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.


Our goals for the child are:

1.  To meet each child’s needs by offering a wide variety of challenging activities

2. To foster competent, responsible, adaptive citizens.

3. To develop respect for oneself, others, the environment and all forms of life.

4.  To encourage curiosity within each child, giving each room to discover and explore, in return gaining independence.

5. To provide opportunity for the use of small and large activities, motor skills for indoor and outdoor activities.

6. To develop the child’s innate, ultimate potential through high self-expectation.

7. To express themselves through art and play materials freely and constructively

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